Continue to identify existing resources and develop new resources as required to promote effective health center-family medicine residency affiliation.

Provide trainings/workshops

Conduct relevant research. A national survey of all FMRs in the US regarding their affiliation with health centers. The data tells us that there is a cohort of approximately 32 residencies that are fully affiliated with health centers. This represents 9% of residencies nationally. This is unchanged from previous estimates 15 years ago; apparently, while training residents in health centers remains a sound practice, it has not resulted in increased affiliation. This finding demonstrates a large potential for improvement and an argument for continued work on trying to remove the barriers to health center-family medicine residency training around mission, governance, administration, and financing.

Seek funding for on-going Project work, with NWRPCA serving as the fiscal sponsor for the Project.

Offer consultation services to organizations that are interested in establishing an EHC, either through the THCGME legislation or by other means.